The Electronic Rebel

“Wind up all your stuff, dear. We’re moving tomorrow morning”, Sarah’s mother called out to her from the other room.
Hearing her call, Sarah started to look through her stuff for what she would be needing the most: her laptop, her favourite shoes, her mobile and some charging cables. She put the electronics in one bag and then, hands on her hips, looked around at her room.
It was a complete mess.
Her cupboard had clothes hanging out and about to fall onto the carpet; she had no idea where her bed will be moved to when they would shift to the other house, and she wasn’t even sure whether she would be given a separate room or not.
So instead of thinking about this all she sat down on her bed, unlocked her mobile phone and stared at the background picture: her favourite stuffed toy, a panda. She smiled while her mind moved someplace miles away, where she had studied in a university. The panda reminded her of her favourite teacher. She adjusted the stuffed panda actually lying against her pillow and looked at it for a moment – memories never really needed megapixels to save themselves.
The next moment she was in a hospital and fighting off an injection. Afraid of the doctors around her, she made to move and jump out of the hospital bed but the doctors had brought bandages which acted like ropes to restrain her to the bed and tied down her wrists so she couldn’t move. She was mortified. Why was the injection so necessary? She did not feel ill… she wondered why her mother had made her wear an adult diaper so she wouldn’t have to get up to go to the washroom even! She was just tied to the bed for the rest of the night… Maybe sleep took her over…
Sarah’s wrists had bruises from stretching against the bandage ropes. But she had to listen to the doctors and to take her medicines on time. Her mother told her they would be going to the new home soon.
Looking at the new home made Sarah yearn for a job so she could help her father in paying rent to a better home. In this home they would be sleeping on mattresses on the floor, there was a washroom made in a tacky place under the stairs and there was all but one room partitioned into a bedroom and a kitchen. Sarah did not know why she was brought here but some things she had promised herself that she would do:
she would keep her laptop and mobile charged…

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