Recovery from bipolar disorder is a multi-dimensional phenomenon. You cannot solely rely on medication to cure you; therein lies a magma of patience, meditation and natural thinking. A hassle to get everything done on number one priority must be skipped if a long-lasting recovery is sought. To cater for the “excess” time, outdoor activities are best recommended, yet indoor ones are also very effective. An ability to “blurt out everything on the mind” is proven to be effective in written communication. Moreover, the need to explore one’s own creative skills has been seen to arise in later stages of medical administration which need not be discouraged. But if the patient spends a large portion of time being “creative” and disregards oral and sleep hygiene then care should be taken to avoid such activities.
The purpose of almost all medicines administered in bipolar disorder are not only to set up the person’s daily routine but to help them curb any negative feelings. Almost all of the patients have had a difficult past which brings about a frustrated behaviour in them. It is best to have a counsellor talk to them about their life experiences. Sensitivity might make them overwhelmed with emotion so it is better advised to keep one medical specialist for the counselling and treatment, as changing the counsellor every now and then might make the patient uneasy.
Skipping the regularly prescribed medicine would not cause any instantaneous effect but it can cause mood disorders in a few months. The patient can become cranky and hard to reason with in such case, and a visit to the doctor is highly recommended in this case. The doctor might change or increase the dosage as required.
All patients need not be treated the same. Some recover faster than others. This might mean that a particular medicine can show better cure than another or it might depend upon the patients’ brain chemistry. Normally, a tenure of six to seven years is deemed enough to bring a bipolar disorder patient to the “right track”, provided the patient takes medicine on time. The signs of a complete cure in a bipolar disorder patient are also hard to detect as the medicines need to be continued even after the cure lest the condition comes back in. As little as one medicine can be enough for the patient taken normally at night when the body naturally goes into a relaxing mood.
By simply meditating and relaxing on a daily basis the bipolar disorder patients can be cured provided that they have taken the medicines for a required period of time as directed by the physicians. Good control over own routine is the key to a healthy life.

The writer has been an insomnia patient from year 2010 and was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in 2016. She is an electrical engineer but contrary to her field of education, she likes written and oral social communication platforms more where she can polish her creativity skills.

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