I have hope

I have a dying hope

I have a living hope

I have a stingy hope

I have a hope which consumes itself then dies

Then gets reborn again

I have been cursed

By sorcerers

They see me yearn and do nothing

I want to prove the sorcerers wrong

I know their truth

I can’t leave my life in their hands

They show me demise

They disregard me

They follow the wizards

I can’t be theirs anymore

Dear Lord, please help me on your path

Please help me follow those who follow You

Those living who shall have your command

Let Them command for once

Lord, I feel like I’ve suffered so much!

Have I not yet earned Your nearness?

How much more can I suffer?

They test me

They test me by your name even

They know I’m weak

Help me

Help me with my hope

Help me with your hope

Just help me

I need it more than ever now

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