A letter to happiness

30 July 2019

While my father was happy setting up plans for my future, I couldn’t help but go into a mystic daze.. In pursuit of happiness, I wanted to go slow, but he was right, I’m either too old or too young to set up plans for myself. So instead I decided to think nothing and look into the distance of nothingness.

I found two happy years as I looked into the timeline, and happiness exceeded the amount I could bear, so I left it there. Or was made to leave, I can’t ever decide.

Instead I found an eternity, which I was building myself, and it was erect like a tree and strong like a soldier’s words. I am going to smear the lost two years’ calamity onto my tree of eternity because of their heavenly odour. Then I will stand at a distance and take a photograph of my tree, with the Sun at the horizon in the background.

That’s where it should be.

That’s my Eternal Tree.

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